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Date May 5, 2014    |  End All Phobias   |   Education and Understanding     

Our mission is to remove social barriers internal and external to the LGBTQA community related to all gender and sexual identity phobias, through direct outreach and community education.

We are looking to make this a better place for everyone to live.  Gay, Bi, Trans, Straight, ALL are welcome.  To work together to understand each other.  For understanding is the key to erradicating all phobias.

No one sexual or gender identity has the right to claim or invoke laws which restrict the happiness and legal entitlement to life and liberty for all.

StonewallAGAIN was created to provide equality for all.  To give frustrated community a voice to a constructive resolution and access to social media outlets. 

Through direct action, we have taken it to the street via protests and rallies.  Standing side by side: bisexual, transgender, gay, straight, religious leaders and representatives.  Making our world better for ALL.

Outreach programs have gone to colleges, universities and community fairs to show a presence that we are all the same, regardless of how we identify.

It is our hope that you will join us in making this a better world.

June 1, 2014 : StonewallAGAIN Anniversary

lech walesa brings neiu shame

Date June 10, 2014 | StonewallAGAIN blog | Please read and share

PROTEST JUNE 12, 2014 @ 11:30AM (ST Louis Ave. cul de sac)

WHERE: NEIU main campus 5480 N St Louis Ave, Chicago 60625

Former Polish President Lech Walesa made homophobic comments about gays should not be in politics.  That all minorities should not push their views on the majority.  They need to move to the back of the room or be put behind a wall.  These comments he made without apology in early 2013.

Students and staff have told President Sharon Hahs and the Board of Trustees that homophobia is not going to be accepted on campus and to remove Lech Walesa's name from the building.

Sharon Hahs came back with an email in April 2014 saying that she was going to ignore recommendations to remove the name.  That Lech Walesa's words do not cancel his Solidarity accomplishment.

Sharon and the Board of Trustees are sending the wrong message that homophobia and bigotry are "allowed and okay" in certain situations.

Clearly Sharon Hahs has never had to come out to friends and family as a gay person.  Has no idea what it is like to be victim of gay bashing or other homophobic violence.

We are not going to stop fighting until Lech Walesa's name is off that building and we can be free from seeing is oppressive name everyday that we walk on campus.

Shame on you Sharon Hahs and Board or Trustees.  Shame on you for the disruption that YOU caused and the pain YOU inflicted upon both student and staff of Northeastern Illinois University.




Boycott Olympic Sponsors   |   October 20, 2013   |   StonewallAGAIN     

The Olympics That No One Watched 

Honestly, if you watched the video above, you can see that there is a slim difference between Nazi Germany Olympics and what is about to happen in Russia.

This Olympic Committee is clearly a corrupt group of money driven whores who would sacrifice their mother for a quarter.  The Russian government implementing these homophobic laws to force LGBTQ into a closet through legislation is genocide.  This disqualifies Russia as a sponsor.  It violates the Fourth Article of the Olympic Charter.  Yet the IOC tries to do the Jedi Mind Trick spinning this in a completely different direction.

Olympic sponsor are now realizing that not only are they losing revenue from sponsoring these games of hate.  They don't want to be associated with the almost certain international incidents and violence that are about to happen.....WITH THEIR NAMES PLASTERED ALL OVER IT!!!!

StonewallAGAIN staged a protest at McDonald's in August.  Do you think they would have confronted us or had an open dialog? NOPE!  They did the same thing that the IOC did in hoping that this would just go away.

NO ONE IS BUYING YOUR SHIT!  Words are just words unless you have meaning behind them.  Coca Cola is now feeling the heat in several of the same type campaigns against these Olympics.

With the Dutch diplomats being wounded for being gay in Russia, it is not safe to travel to Russia if you are LGBT.

Even the state department issues a travel warning for LGBT.  Discrimination based on sexuall orientation is WIDESPREAD in Russia.  Harassment, threats and acts of violence trageting LGBT individuals have occurred.  Government officials have been known to make derogatory comments about LGBT persons. 

Why are these games still occurring?  The sponsors have the power and legal right to pull the plug on this.  I guess that their marketing teams are really good at their jobs that they can get their executive teams to stay the course on this ghost ship......iceberg ahead! 




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